160th Harford Fair
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2017 Harford Fair

Dining Hall

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★★★    All Week    ★★★

The Rhinestone Roper Show

Rhinestone Roper Show        
  • The show has it all - intricate trick roping, precision knife throwing and bull whip cracking, fancy gun spinning and fast-draw shooting. You will enjoy the stunts by trick horses Gypsy Rio and Jesse James!
  • Featuring Champion showman Dan Mink, the Champion Roper - a true master in the "tools of the cowboy".
  • Dan is pleased to introduce his wife Yvonne and Emilee. Yvonne descends from the Mescaloro Apache Nation of New Mexico. She not only performs with ropes, whips and knives but also shoots aerial targets while spinning on the "Wheel of Death".
  • 14 year-old Emilee surprises audiences with her trick roping and knife throwing.

Hogway Speedway

Racing Pigs
  • Racing Pigs!

  • Racing Ducks!!

  • Racing Goats!!!

Sawptician Chainsaw Carving Demonstration

  • Unique carvings, bears, birds, benches, signs & much more!

  • “A hillbilly engineer”

  • Rustic, natural wood

  • Own one without being a millionaire

  • Pieces auctioned Saturday — unique carvings, stained glass, specialty items

  • www.sawptician.com

Wood Carving

Farmer For A Day

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  • Be a Farmer

  • Milk Harriet the Harford Fair Cow, really milk!!

  • Dig potatoes, pull carrots, play in the dirt…..

  • Collect the eggs…

Houghton Enterprises Amusements

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Houghton Amusements Daily Wristbands Only $20.00


Wool Spinner
  • Basket Weaving

  • Children's Crafts

  • Sheep Shearing

  • Weaving

  • Wood Burning

  • Wool Spinning

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