Page 1 - 2017 Harford Fair $$Jackpot$$ Demolition Derby
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Department 22 – Harford Fair 2017

                                               $$ JACKPOT $$

                              DEMOLITION DERBY CONTEST

                                 August 26, 2017 Show Time at 7:30 PM

                                    Pits Open at 9:00 AM Pre-Registration is recommended

                  Pre-Show Class – Power Wheels
                        (Children ages 3-13)
                     Sign up in the Main Arena
                          Full Size Class
                   Driver must be 18 years of age
                          $50 Entry fee
                  Payout - $2,500, $1,000, and $500
                           Youth Class
                  Youth ages 14-17 with a guardian
                     Compact Car $35 Entry fee
                    Payout: $300, $200 and $100
                        Compact Car Class
                    Driver must be 18 years of age                       Questions Call Scot Wallace at 610-781-7931 or
                          $35 Entry fee                                        Mark Benjamin at 607-215-2149
                   Payout - $1,500, $600, and $300                 Trophies Sponsored by:  Molenko’s Paint Shop & Signgraphics

                             HARFORD, PA 2017 – DEMOLITION DERBY RULES
       Drivers must be at least 18 years of age with the exception of the youth class, youth ages 14-17 may drive with a guardian in the vehicle. Driver must furnish
       his/her own car. All drivers and pit crew must sign a liability waiver before entering the pit area or track. All drivers must attend the driver’s meeting prior
       to race time. Any driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs will not be allowed to compete. No alcohol or drugs permitted on the fairgrounds.
           No Jeeps, trucks, vans, Blazers, Suburbans, utility vehicles, flower cars, limousines, SUV’s, or carry-alls allowed.
        2.  FULL SIZE CLASS: Any year foreign or domestic mass-produced 2 or 4 door sedan or station wagon is permitted. No Chrysler Imperials or Imperial
           frames 1973 or older. No open roof sedans.
        3.  COMPACT CLASS: Any year foreign or domestic mass-produced 2 or 4 door compact sedan or station wagon that is a front wheel drive k-member
           originally equipped car with a 4 or 6 cylinder engine is permitted. Additionally, any rear wheel drive car that came originally equipped with a 4
           cylinder engine is permitted. Any questions, please call to clarify.
        4.  YOUTH CLASS: youth class will follow compact rules EXCEPT: bumpers must be a compact bumper or 1980 and newer style
         5.  All cars must have an identifying number or slogan (aka) displayed on each side and the roof. The numbers must be large enough to be seen from
           announcer’s booth.
        6.  STOCK MEANS STOCK! These vehicles are to be considered stock unless specifically mentioned in these rules. No altering, swapping, welding, or
           manipulating parts unless specifically mentioned.
         7.  Drivers must hit a live vehicle every 60 seconds.
         8.  Drivers are required to wear a DOT approved helmet and safety glasses/goggles or face shield. Drivers must also wear full length pants and footwear
           that completely covers feet (no shorts and sandals for example).
         9.  Safety is our first priority while on the grounds. There will be no tolerance of any unsafe acts. Conduct of a driver or crew member can disqualify the
           driver and car from the event.
        10.  All decisions of the judges are final. Please call Scot Wallace (610-781-7931) or Mark Benjamin (607-215-2149), for any rule clarifications and questions.
         1.  ALL unnecessary glass, plastic, chrome moldings, mirrors, emblems, and flammable materials must be removed. No broken windows in doors.
         2.  The car must be clean and free of loose debris in the driver’s compartment and the trunk.
         3.  All airbags must be completely removed. Drain air conditioners and associated rubber hoses must be cut or removed prior to arrival at the track.
           All trailer/towing hitches must be removed.
       Cages & Driver Protection:
         1.  Cage bars must be sheet metal to sheet metal. Bars must be single bars, not stacked or doubled. All components of cage must be at least 5” from the
           center of the firewall AND floor at any point including transmission and driveshaft tunnels. The rear bar may not be any further back than where the
           kick panel meets the bench seat. Front bar may not contour the body. It must run straight across. All cage bars may be no bigger than 5”x5” except
           side bars. Side bars may be c-channel up to 6”. Side bars cannot go past the firewall or past the center of the rear doors. Side bars may not be INSIDE
           of doors. If side bars are not used, mounting plates not exceeding ¼” x 6”x12” may be used on the ends of the seat bar and dash bar. All bars MUST be
           inside the driver’s compartment except if a roof/halo bar is used. Roof bar must come off your rear seat bar or door bars (max. 5”x5” bars or 6”
          c-channel). Roof bar MUST go straight across. Roof bar may be bolted or stitch welded with 1 inch welds in 3 places to the roof only. Non-door post
           cars may weld 1 post to each side of the car, centered on the door seams, 3”x ½” max, with no more than 4” extending down the door or onto the roof.
        2.  TWO windshield bars or chains may be attached from the roof to the cowl area on the front windshield area only to protect the driver.
           Maximum size 3” wide by ¼” thick bar or  /8” chain. May not extend more than 4” on roof and cowl. This may not be used as a
           strengthener or to keep a car from bending. No rear window bars allowed.
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