Harford Fair Youth Board

Youth Board Members: (front) Jamie Supancik, Dana Nunemacher, KayLeen Conklin, Maggie Kowalewski. (back) Emily Supancik, Laura Graytock, Josiah Hricko, and Amanda Gawel

1. A membership form must be completed.
2. The Junior Board consists of individuals ages 14-18 years of age. The Intermediate Board consists of individuals ages 18-21 (by July 1 of current year).
3. A one (1) year probationary term will be served. If satisfactory, a two-year term will follow.
4. This should be considered a service contribution and non-paid.
5. The individual should abide by the rules and responsibilities of the Harford Agricultural Society, and promote the Harford Fair in a positive manner.

Please carefully review the Requirements below, and submit the completed application to:
Harford Agricultural Society
485 Fair Hill Road
New Milford, PA 18834

Youth Board Application

Youth Board Requirements